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Being a gardener  in Lubbock is a greater challenge than I imagined, but each year is getting better.
Come follow my progress as I get my hands in Texas soil.

Joy Blooms . . .
with veggies, flowers, birds, butterflies, & creatures
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Bed 17 --  Yukon Gold Potatoes

EDIT THIS INSERT         My Lubbock 2013 Victory Garden    ---    Please e-Mail any ideas/comments
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Lubbock Victory Garden Layout         Planting Calendar        Crop Rotation Chart                 Jan's Victory Garden Journal-2013
Spring Planting Calendar             Fall Garden Planting Calendar       Month by Month Planting Schedule in Each Bed

Bed 17 - 2013
Spring-Plant Onion (sets) 01/31/13 to 03/13/13
Spring-Plant Spinach 02/14/13 to 04/03/13
Spring-Plant Broccoli 02/28/13 to 03/13/13
Spring-Plant Cabbage 02/28/13 to 03/13/13
Spring-Plant Potato, Yukon Gold 02/28/13 to 03/13/13
Spring-Plant Alyssum 03/01/13 to 05/30/13
Summer Harvest Spinach 03/25/13 to 06/02/13
Summer Harvest Onion (sets) 04/20/13 to 07/11/13
Summer Harvest Broccoli 04/28/13 to 06/01/13
Summer Harvest Cabbage 04/28/13 to 06/11/13
Summer Harvest Potato, Yukon Gold 05/13/13 to 06/21/13
Fall-Plant Broccoli 06/30/13 to 08/11/13
Fall-Plant Cabbage 06/30/13 to 08/11/13
Fall-Plant Potato, Yukon Gold 06/30/13 to 07/14/13
Fall-Plant Spinach 06/30/13 to 10/06/13
Fall Harvest Spinach 08/09/13 to 12/05/13
Fall Harvest Broccoli 08/29/13 to 10/30/13
Fall Harvest Cabbage 08/29/13 to 11/09/13
Fall Harvest Potato, Yukon Gold 09/13/13 to 10/22/13
Fall Harvest Onion Last Year's Crop 01/08/14 to 04/29/00


2013 Seeds Purchased

Planted 1st Week February:
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes in early February (Lowe's)
  • Planted Onion sets in early February- unfortunately didn't record the specific variety.  Will be surprised at harvest time.  Purchased sets from Lowe's.
Planted March 15, 2013
  • Evergreen Long White Bunching Onions (Burpee) - USDA Organic
  • Copenhagen Market Early Cabbage (Ferry-Morse)
  • DeCicco Broccoli (Ferry-Morse)
  • Red Express Cabbage (Urban Farmer Seeds)
  • Carpet of Snow Alyssum (Ferry-Morse) - Alyssum acts act as a living mulch
  • Sweet White Walla Onions (Urban Farmer Seeds)
  • Salad Fresh Hybrid Spinach (Burpee) - Spinach planted near broccoli to reduce bug damage to the broccoli.
Planted April 2, 2013
  • More Yukon Gold Potatoes purchased from Lowe's
  • I didn't see any signs of sprouts from the previous planting, so I am planting more.

Plant during the 4th Week of June:
  • DeCicco Broccoli (Ferry-Morse)
  • January King Winter Cabbage (Bountiful Gardens)
  • Don't plant Tomatoes near potatoes.  It makes the potatoes vulnerable to potato blight.
  • Interplant watermelons with potatoes.   The Potatoes will appreciate the "living mulch" of the vines.
  • Horseradish, planted at the corners of the potato patch, provides general protection.
  • Alyssum makes a perfect living mulch for potatoes.

  Good Companions Bad Companions


Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, strawberry tomato, beets, tomatoes, summer savory

Beans, peas

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