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 Lubbock became home in the Spring of 2011.
Traded in down jackets for shorts & T's

Blooms . . . making Lubbock home

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Bye Colorado - Hello Texas
Relocating from Thornton, CO to Lubbock, TX

During the winter of 2009, conversations turned to getting out of Colorado.  We were growing weary of the COLD & SNOW and the COLD & SNOW and the COLD & SNOW.   The wonderful Rocky Summers just didn't make up anymore for suffering through all the COLD & SNOW.

We started making plans in earnest during the Spring 2010.   It felt good to go through all our belongs and separate them into SELL, TOSS, GIVE AWAY and RECYCLE.  What was left we carefully packed and put into our three storage units.  The only things that remained in the house were necessities to live and to sell the house.

"SELL, TOSS, GIVE AWAY and RECYCLE" -- that was our mantra for months & months.

By the time we were finished, we had 3 storage units packed.

We put the house on the market right before Halloween 2010.  And after 44 showings we sold it and closed mid-April 2011.   It was not a pleasant experience selling the house.   Every showing meant we had to load the beagles in the van and head for the park or take a drive or find something to occupy 2 or more hours.   Most of the time it was cold too get out and walk the beagles.  So we were stuck in the van.

Hubby and I listened to audio books to pass the time.  Not sure if the beagles enjoyed listening to the stories or not.   They were in the back seat barking at passing dogs.

Photo Album of the Big Move

Colorado Home FOR SALE sign

Box marked UP on its SIDE We contracted Christian Brothers Moving & Storage (3865 S. Kalamath St. Englewood, Co. 80110) for the move.   WHAT A DISASTER!  They totally underestimated the load - the final price was DOUBLE their "not to exceed price."

They were 6 hours late arriving in Lubbock.  Furniture was broken.  Dishes were broken. Boxes marked "UP" were turned over.  Boxes marked for the rental house were taken to the storage unit and visa versa.  They were far from "professionals."

In March 2011 we accepted a contract on our Thornton, CO house.  Since we had anticipated the sale, we were packed and ready to go.  On April Fool's Day, Hubby & I  + the 2 beagles headed for Lubbock.   We gladly traded in our down-jackets for shorts & T's.   We moved to Texas into temporary housing (3 month rental of a house is Wolfforth). 

After viewing 100's of houses online and seeing dozens in person, our offer on a house in the NW part of Lubbock was accepted.  It is just outside the city limits.  The property has a well for water and a septic system.  That will be different.   The house was built in 2010 and has no carpet (YEAH!).  All the flooring is either wood or stone.  The HVAC is zoned.  It has a hot water on demand system.   The house is on a touch over one acre of land.  Most of the acreage is in the back yard which is fenced.   The beagles are going to get lost in the massive yard.   There is a shop for Dave's lab and my studio.   We moved the last box into the new home in June 2011

Back view of Sierra Vista home How to transform the vast barren area into our own green acre will be the challenge.  There is virtually no landscaping - no grass - 2 trees in the front died before we closed.   The good news is that we have a blank slate.  The bad news is that we have a blank slate.

There are several raised bed for veggies - with some plants already.  Unfortunately all died too before we closed.

Gardening in Lubbock to follow our progress.


Well now were here
 - let's explore Lubbock ...

Joy Blooms in Lubbock, TX

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