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 Lubbock became home in the Spring of 2011.
Traded in down jackets for shorts & T's

Blooms . . . making Lubbock home

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Finding your Way around Lubbock
Note these are my observations - please rely on your own)

The city is the county seat of Lubbock County.  It is located at the convergence of U.S. routes 62 and 84 in northwest Texas, about 60 miles east of the New Mexico border and 120 miles south of the city of Amarillo. Other major thoroughfares servicing Lubbock include Interstate I-27, U.S. Route 87, and Texas State Highway 114. Lubbock is home to Texas Tech University.   Because Lubbock is surrounded by five major Texas highways giving the appearance of a hub on a wagon wheel, it has the nickname “Hub City.”

When we first came to live in Lubbock (2011), I wanted to know how to get from point "A" to points "B, C, D, etc."  So I created this page to help in the navigation.  Hopefully, it is a good starting point for you too.

The first thing you notice is that the city is laid out on a East-West and a North-South grid.  There is a loop that goes around the town - Loop 289.  The only exception is "the Loop."  Some of the streets do not intersect the loop, so that can get a little tricky.
Love that fact that Lubbock is set up on a simple grid plan.  It is very easy to find your way around.  Nothing is really more than a 15 minute drive (at posted speed limits).  What a city!

In Denver it took 15 minutes to get out of the neighborhood.   As a result for the first several months in Lubbock, I arrived way too early before I accepted that it really only took 15 minutes to get any where.

Named or Lettered Avenues run North to South.
     Beginning on the West side of town, the major Avenues are:
  • Alcove
  • Upland
  • Milwaukee
  • Frankford (does not intersect the loop)
  • Slide
  • Quaker
  • Indiana 
  • Texas Tech Parkway (only between 19th & intersects 4th between Quaker & Indiana)
    Texas Tech University Campus is basically between Quaker & University; 4th to 19th
  • University (Ave Z is University)
  • I 27
  • Ave Y-A (No Ave Z)
  • ML King
Number Streets run West to East.
      The streets from the West Side, going North to South the major streets are:
  • Ursuline St.
  • Erskine St.
  •   4th
  •  19th
  •  34th
  •  50th (Inside loop between Slide & Ave Q only)
  •  84th
  •  98th
  • 114th
We have found that just about anything we need to buy or a place to dine are found on Slide Rd.  It certainly is a good place to start looking for shopping opportunities & food.
e-Mail me with your interesting observations

Joy Blooms in Lubbock, TX

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