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  Joy Blooms in the Garden


 Lubbock became home in the Spring of 2011.   Moved from hardiness zone 5  to zone 7.
Increased the growing seasons by 3 months.  Boy have the rules changed!

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Planting a Victory Veggie Garden in Lubbock, Texas

With the move to Lubbock and buying a house on an acre of land - the dream of having a real vegetable garden finally came true.  No more postage stamp size gardens as was the case in Colorado. 

I grew up working and playing in my Daddy's vegetable garden.  Most of what I know of gardening I learned from him.  In every place that we've put down roots, I've managed to grow some semblance of a veggie garden. 

I am so looking forward to getting my hand in this good ol' Texas red soil and living off the land. (I mean growing, canning, preserving, and enjoying fresh vegetables.)


Raised Beds - Patches of Bermuda Grass are everywhere.  It is very difficult to get rid of it once it is established.  So instead of fighting a constant battle, have decided to lay down 2 layers of landscape fabric and build raised beds for my "Lubbock Victory Veggie Garden."

In December 2011 we started building the raised bed
Dimension of my Raised Beds gives the details of construction.

By April 2012 we finally finished all 20 beds.  I could then concentrate on deciding what to plant where.  I followed guidelines of companion gardening.  My Lubbock Victory Garden has the details of 2013's crops.   Sure hope I have better luck than I did in 2012.

Joy Blooms . . . with Planning
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