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Being a gardener  in Lubbock is a greater challenge than I imagined, but each year is getting better.
Come follow my progress as I get my hands in Texas soil.

Joy Blooms . . .
with veggies, flowers, birds, butterflies, & creatures
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My Lawn & Landscaping in Lubbock, TX

How we Coaxed a Green LawnGrowing green lawn was a challenge - we sowed seeds, grew plugs, and transplanted slugs.

Being a gardener in Lubbock is a greater challenge than I ever imagined.
With each passing year, my gardens are getting better.

Bermuda Grass Without question, the biggest issue facing me was growing some grass in all that good ol' Texas Red dirt.   How exactly do you get grass to grow?

My Daddy declared that any plant growing in the wrong place is called a weed.   Well many people would classify bermuda grass as a weed.  It is quite invasive.   Bermuda grass sends out underground "runners."  As a result  common bermuda can be very invasive.   These runners are not roots, but rather rhizomes.   The rhizomes serve the purposes of reproduction and survival.  The flip side is that Bermuda grass that has the ability to regenerate and self-repair a lawn.

The rhizomes spread out a few inches before surfacing and starting a new plant.   These amazing things

can travel a few inches to dozens of feet.   They have been observed growing successfully under plastic sheeting or driveways.  The push forward until they find an opportunity to pop above ground.

What's more, if the above ground growth dies, the underground shoots are likely to survives.   They can remain viable for years.   Under the right conditions, these tenacious rhizomes push up to the surface and start a new plant.    Be aware that even a small portion of a rhizome left in the ground can be enough to regenerate.

Common bermudagrass, C. dactylon, is grown throughout the warmer regions of the United States.   Apparently it was introduced into to the USA from Africa or perhaps India.   The exact date is not recorded, but bermuda grass is listed in a publication dated 1807.  Bermuda grass can be easily planted from grass seed, sod or grass plugs.   Grass seed germinates quickly, covers quickly and grows in a variety of soils.

The Challenge was to turn all this good ol' Texas RED DIRT into a Lush GREEN (Bermuda Grass) LAWN.
Originally this feat had to accomplished by Hand-Watering in that there was no underground sprinkler system.
How we coaxed a Lush GREEN (Bermuda Grass) LAWN

North - Front, June 2011

East side of House -June 2011 West side of Front - June 2011
Front - North facing - June 2011 East side of House -June 2011 West side of Front - June 2011
The entry is so much more inviting - August 2012 New neighbor built a house in August 2012. Span of grass is better than Red Dirt - August 2012
The entry is so much more inviting.
Just have to keep pulling weeds.
August 2012
While the grass was growing,
a new neighbor built a house.
August 2012
Now the horses next door have
a loving green lawn to admire.
August 2012

Back Yard - north facing - June 2011 Back Yard - south facing - June 2011

NO GRASS - eventually an orchard
Back Yard - West - June 2011 Back Yard - East - June 2011
In 2012 the East side is still dirt.
Eventually an orchard?
Iris River is beside the Doggie Yard The 4000 Sq Ft Doggie Yard Raised beds are behind the "Iris River"
The "Iris River" is on the East side
of the Doggie Fence.
August 2012
Doggie Yard - all fenced in and
with grass.  We duct-taped a tarp over the
shop (due south) door to keep out dirt.
August 2012
Raised beds are South of the "Iris River"
behind the Doggie Fence.  The Shop
is West of the Beds.
August 2012

Dave, the gentlemen farmer on his John Deere. 

We did such a good job growing grass
that we bought a tractor
in July 2012 to mow the lawn.

(OK a John Deere riding lawn mower)

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