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Being a gardener  in Lubbock is a greater challenge than I imagined, but each year is getting better.
Come follow my progress as I get my hands in Texas soil.

Joy Blooms . . .
with veggies, flowers, birds, butterflies, & creatures
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Bed 15 - Eggplants, Peppers, & Okra

EDIT THIS INSERT         My Lubbock 2013 Victory Garden    ---    Please e-Mail any ideas/comments
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Lubbock Victory Garden Layout         Planting Calendar        Crop Rotation Chart                 Jan's Victory Garden Journal-2013
Spring Planting Calendar             Fall Garden Planting Calendar       Month by Month Planting Schedule in Each Bed

Bed 15 - 2013

Spring-Plant Marigolds 03/01/13 to 04/01/13
Spring-Plant Beans, A Bush-Type 04/17/13 to 05/08/13
Spring-Plant Pepper 04/17/13 to 06/05/13
Spring-Plant Eggplant 04/24/13 to 05/22/13
Spring-Plant Lettuce 04/24/13 to 05/22/13
Spring-Plant Okra 04/24/13 to 05/22/13
Spring-Plant Petunias 05/01/13 to 5/30/2013
Summer Harvest Eggplant 05/15/13 to 06/15/13
Summer Harvest Beans, A Bush-Type 06/01/13 to 06/22/13
Summer Harvest Lettuce 06/03/13 to 08/10/13
Summer Harvest Pepper 06/16/13 to 09/03/13
Summer Harvest Okra 06/18/13 to 07/26/13
Fall-Plant Eggplant 06/30/13 to 07/28/13
Fall-Plant Okra 06/30/13 to 07/28/13
Fall-Plant Pepper 06/30/13 to 07/28/13
Fall-Plant Lettuce 07/14/13 to 08/11/13
Fall-Plant Beans, A Bush-Type 08/11/13 to 08/25/13
Fall Harvest Lettuce 08/23/13 to 10/30/13
Fall Harvest Okra 08/24/13 to 10/01/13
Fall Harvest Pepper 08/29/13 to 10/26/13
Fall Harvest Beans, A Bush-Type 09/25/13 to 10/24/13

2013 Seeds Purchased

Planted March 15, 2013
  • Petite Orange Marigolds (American Seed)
  • Planted Shooting Stars Eggplant (Burpee)

Plant during the 2nd Week of April:
  • Sweet Banana Pepper (American Seed)
Plant during the 4th Week of April:
  • Buttercrunch Lettuce (Urban Farmer)
  • Four Seasons Lettuce (Burpee)
  • Clemson Spineless Okra (American Seed)
  • Black Beauty Eggplant (Ferry-Morse)


Plant during the 4th Week of June:
  • California Wonder Pepper (Urban Farmer)


Plant during the 2nd Week of August:
  • Fordhook Bush Lima Beans (Ferry-Morse)
  • Green Arrow Shell Pea (seed of Change)


Plant during the 4th Week of August:
  • Parris Island Lettuce (American Seed)
  • Valerie Lettuce (Burpee)



Crop Rotation Planting Beds: 

15 10 16 9
  • Okra is a warm weather plant that needs lots of water. Plant in rows with a trench in the middle to collect water.
  • Plant lettuce around your okra plants and they will shade the lettuce in the summer giving you some more growing time

  • Mulch during the heat of the summer to prevent wilt disease.
  • Plant with Bush Beans to repel the Colorado potato beetle which like to munch on eggplant.

Peppers, Bell
  • Okra plants will act as a wind break for the brittle pepper plants
  • They love the heat of summer but they also seem to like humidity which we don't have in Lubbock. Plant them close together to keep them happy.

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