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Pick up Poop - It is Important

In Colorado, we walked our beagles daily - either around the neighborhood or at the neighborhood park.   The Hunter's Glen Park had a lake around which we could  walk Bob & Betty and later Betty & Billy.  It was an open-space setting with park benches and picnic tables.  So this was generally where we take the beagles while we lived in Colorado

Betty Beagle & Bob the Beagle, ready for a walk in the Colorado-Neighborhood  park

Although there are signs posted every where reminding doggie mom's & dad's to pick up after their pets, it is surprising how many don't.  Even though there are plenty of poop-bag dispensers for convenience, the poop is not picked up.
Their Colorado vet told me to pull the beagles away from poop left by other dogs.  (That's no easy feat with these scent-hounds).  He says that the poop can become a health hazard.  Apparently there are several parasites that live in the the dog droppings.  Dr. Rick told me that eggs from round worms can remain active for many years in the soil.  Touching the infected soil and then touching your eyes or mouth can lead to an infection.  This is why pregnant women should avoid cleaning litter boxes.
It is my understanding that fresh poop is not infection, so disposing of it in plastic bags and dropping in the trash eliminates to the spread of parasites.  
Not only did we pick up after the beagles on our walks (we picked up other's dog poop too), we also picked up poop in our own backyard on a daily basis.  We still do that in Lubbock. 

Betty Sue Beagle & Bob the Beagle
eager for a walk in the
Colorado neighborhood park

So be a good neighbor, keep your fur-baby on a leash when in public and pick up the poop.

Now that we are in Lubbock and have a fenced in acre of land, Billy & Betty walk themselves.  Every day, several times a day, they walk the perimeter of the property.  That is to say, they walk around the fence and say "hello" to the horses and any passers-by.   We really haven't found a place to walk them.  If Lubbock has a leash law, it is not enforced - see a lot of dog roaming the streets.

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