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Joy Blooms with the Beagles

Here's Favorite Pictures of Bob the Beagle!
Bob started our love for the breed.  He brought special joy to our lives.

Bob the Beagle joined our family on October 4, 1996.
He was the first beagle in our lives and will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We miss you Bob!

Baby Betty with Big Bro Bob Bob the Beagle enjoying a little sunshine Bob the Beagle watching the world go by
Mom's favorite pic of Bob the Beagle Everything is new and exciting to Bob the Beagle Doesn't smell like a beagle
Bob the Beagle in a "dead frog" pose Bye-Bye Bob the Beagle It is my couch after all
Nothing like a good ear cleaning Happy 6th Birthday, Bob the Beagle Walkie-Walkie with Daddy
Daddy's favorite pic of Bob the Beagle Anything to eat? Bob the Beagle's way of eating ice cream

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Joy Blooms . . . with Fur-Babies!

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