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Before being a gardener  in Lubbock became a reality, lots of outdoor projects had to be completed.
Come see all the work done before I could get my hands in Texas soil.

Joy Blooms . . .
with checking off projects on the ever-growing to do list
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Building Jan's Raised Bed Garden
Step by Step description of their construction

First Out Door Project Completed

Gardening in raised beds had lots of advantages.  It certainly contains the garden; improves its appearance; and makes accessibility easier.  I liked the idea of having  pathway  and place to sit while tending to the crops.  I've gardened in raised beds for years and prefer this method.

I want to produce enough veggies for consumption and also for canning, freezing and/or preserving.   In 2011 my attempt at growing veggies was a dismal failure - we arrived too late to start a garden and it was blazing hot all summer.   I sowed seeds anyway in the area gardened by the previous owner.  Most seeds didn't come up; the tomatoes plants didn't produce; my only harvest was one (excellent tasting) kohlrabi.

My goal for 2012 was to get the raised beds done and have "seeds in the ground" by the end of March.

The area , west and south of the shop (or as we call  it
"the basement") was the chosen spot for my Lubbock Victory Garden.  Hubby tilled the area twice and
we pick out rocks and construction debris and
pulled out Bermuda grass roots.

This is our Electric Troy-Bilt Tiller.  We refer to her as "Phyllis Tiller."

Ordered 2"x8"x8' and 4"x4"x8' rough cut cedar from Lowe's.  Also order Grand Empire decorative fencing to enclose the beagle's backyard.  Lowe's delivered both.

Tucked and rolled the edges of the black landscape fabric.  It was laid N/S.  Then laid a second layer of woven (brown) landscape fabric on top E/W.  Hopefully this extra effort will keep out the Bermuda grass. Constructed the first row of 2"x8"x8' cedar lumber using clamps to securely hold the planks in place. In row two the butt joints were alternated (see pic above right)
Each layer was clamped in place.
Laminated template used to drill holes for the lag screws.

Finished Raised Bed

Material List:
 6 cedar - 8' 2"x8"
 4 each - 8' & 4' lengths
 1 cedar - 8' 4"x4" cut into 4 24" lengths for legs/footing
 32 - 4" lag screws
 32  - washers

Finished box measured 8' long; 4' wide; 16" height. 
the exposed 8" footings were buried.


We converted the first bed into a work table by placing a 4'x8' plywood sheet on top. 
That made construction much easier.  We started erecting the beagle fence too.
Legs were placed in holes.  The holes were filled with
sand & landscape fabric was secured with staples. 
All this in an attempt to prevent grass from invading the boxes.

Landscape fabric was cut and 10" deep
holes were dug to accommodate the legs.
There is a 3' path way between each bed.

Progress is being made - By the end of December 2011
the first 3 boxes in place and 4 more were completed.

13 completed frames (picture taken 2/22/2012). 
Placed first row of 3 are E/W.  The remaining beds, 5 in row, are N/S. By the end of March 2012, all 20 were completed & planted.

Old beds after all the soil was removed,
sifted, and added to the new raised beds.
Hubby sifting dirt to remove rocks &
grass roots from old beds.
For the Record:   Each bed was filled with 2 parts soil, 2 parts compost & 1 bag (1.3 cu ft) of Nature Life. Cotton Burr Compost

How did I determine how much garden soil will I need?  Basic math comes to play here.  First I have to determine the total volume of each bed.  4' (Width) x 8' (Length) x 1' (Depth) = 32 Cubic Feet.   For the record, 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard. 

Because I am building 18" deep beds, I will put landscape fabric in the bottom of the boxes.  I am trying my best to prevent Bermuda grass from growing up in the raised beds.


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