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Joy Blooms in the Garden

Joy Blooms in the Garden
In 2011 we made the Big Move.
I was in Thornton, Colorado  but now I am in Lubbock, Texas.

Was in hardiness zone 5 - now in hardiness zone 7
Increased the growing seasons in the garden by 3 months.

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Joy Blooms in the Garden

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Joy is for the Birds - Setting up Feeders
Creating a Bird-Friendly World in your Yard
I don't know about you, but the "tweet, tweet" of birds is a welcomed sound in my garden.  I do what I can to invite them into the garden.
  • The easiest way to attract birds is to put out feeders.  In Thornton, I added a couple of bird feeders & bird baths in the yard.  I don't even mind that the occasional squirrel has a feast.  Feeders in my garden.  
  • I placed the feeder near trees in Colorado so that the birds have a place to perch and/or hid.  I am sure that they appreciate have a little shade too. Trees and large shrubs in the yard are certainly good places for the birds to raise and protect their young.  However, I don't have any trees in my Lubbock Garden. 
  • It is important to add plants to the landscape which will attract a variety of birds!  Some birds are attracted to nectar producing plants and others to plants that provide seeds and berries.  There are some birds that prefer insects - so kill off all the bad bugs in your yard.   Let the birds control the bugs for you.  Check with your local Audubon Society for suggestions of the birds in your area and the food they prefer.  
  • Plant a bed of native wildflowers.  These flowers will attract birds to your yard.  The native plants are a "dinner is served" sign to the birds.
  • Different birds prefer different seeds and feeding stations.   So offering a variety will attract a variety of species.  
    • Platform feeders tend to attract the largest variety of birds!
    • Hanging feeders tend to attract perching birds.
    • Suet feeders tend to attract insect eating birds.
  • The bird visitors to the garden are treated with fresh seeds & pieces of fruit.  The grocery always has a little over-ripe fruit in their clearance section.  These are just perfect for the birds.  I put out bird food all year long.
  • It is important to provide a source of water for the feathered-visitors.  Remember that providing clean water, for both drinking and bathing, will attract birds that donít visit the feeders in your yard.
  • I had a service berry tree in the front yard here in Thornton.  The berries are a favorite of the birds in the late fall.  I'd like to plant more berry bushes this year.   I'd like to have another here in Lubbock.
Service Berry Tree
  • From time to time I put out a concoction especially for the birds.  Over stale bread I pour a mixture of melted peanut butter and lard.  I sprinkle the top with shelled Sunflower seeds, raisins & crushed nuts.  After it is sufficiently cooled, I put it out for the birds.   They peck away at it.  It doesn't last long.
  • Now that we are in Lubbock, birding will be a new adventure.  Hope to see many different birds

Joy is for the Birds:

Joy Blooms . . . in the garden!

The seed is hope; the flower is joy

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