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The Birds will visit in the Summer too

Some people advocate taking in the bird feeders in the summer
The theory is that there is no need to put out feeders because there is plenty of natural food available.  But I keep my bird-feeder-restaurant open all year long.  Maybe this is pretty selfish of me.  Bird watching is one of the pure joys of being in the garden.

All summer, in Colorado, the birds - mostly House Finches - sit in the aspen branches and sing.  They seem to take turns at the feeders.  I see them most often early in the morning.  They reappear again in the afternoon.  Here in Lubbock, The feeders attract House Finches, Sparrows & Grackles.

House Finches at a Colorado backyard feeder

I leave bits of leftover yarn on the tree limbs in early spring.  They snatch them and incorporate the strands in their nests.  In Colorado I could look up in the trees and see bits of yarn.  I don't see many nest in Lubbock, but the yarn disappears.
I have an old Pyrex pie plate hanging for the birds water supply.  In Colorado I rigged up a dripper from my drip irrigation system so every time I water, fresh water is added to the plate.  In Lubbock I fill the bird bath by hand every couple of days.
I keep the bird feeder full all winter and put out Jan's Birdie treat of peanut butter, bread, raisins and bird seed.  The birds really appreciate that.  Yep, here in Lubbock too.
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Joy Blooms . . . in the garden!

The seed is hope; the flower is joy

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