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Building Jan's Raised Bed Garden
Step by Step description of their construction

When we came to Lubbock which is considerably more favorable to gardening than was Denver, we knew that building raised beds for a Victory Garden was a must.   We wanted to grow enough veggies for eating fresh and for canning, freezing and/or preserving.  Ordered 2"x8"x8' and 4"x4"x8' rough cut cedar from Lowe's.  Also order Grand Empire decorative fencing to enclose the beagle's backyard.  Lowe's delivered both.

After Dave tilled the area and removed all the big rocks, Jan laid down two layers of landscape fabric.  The first layer of black fabric was laid N/S.  The edges were tucked and rolled to prevent grass from creeping through.  Then second layer of woven (brown) landscape fabric was laid on top E/W.  Constructed the first row of 2"x8"x8' cedar lumber
using clamps to securely hold the planks in
place.  In row two the butt joints were
alternated (see pic above right). 
Each layer was clamped in place.

Finished Raised Bed

Material List:
 6 cedar - 8' 2"x8"
 4 each - 8' & 4' lengths
 1 cedar - 8' 4"x4" cut into 4 24" lengths for legs/footing
 32 - 4" lag screws
 32  - washers

Finished box measured 8' long; 4' wide; 16" height. 
8" footings were buried.


Legs were placed in holes.  The holes were filled with
sand & landscape fabric was secured with staples. 
All this in an attempt to prevent grass from invading the boxes.

Landscape fabric was cut and 10" hole
were dug to accommodate the legs.
There is a 3' path way between each bed.

Progress is being made - By the end of December 2011
the first 3 boxes were placed and 4 more built

By the end of March 2012, all 20 were completed; filled with top soil, compost & composted cotton burrs; and seeds were sown.

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