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Before being a gardener  in Lubbock became a reality, lots of outdoor projects had to be completed.
Come see all the work done before I could get my hands in Texas soil.

Joy Blooms . . .
with checking off projects on the ever-growing to do list
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Gardening in Lubbock, TX

A Little History - starting over in Texas

How to transform an acre of good ol' Texas RED dirt (as you can see from the pics below) into a Victory Veggies Garden and luscious Flower gardens, that's the question.  

Most of the acreage is in the backyard.  Fortunately the backyard is fenced and has a shop which will become hubby's lab and my studio.   We call it "our basement" because that's where the lab & studio were located in Colorado.

The pictures below where taken on June 5, 2011.  There is certainly an over-abundance of red dirt!

The shop AKA basement Our Neighbor's horses make their home
on the other east side of the fence.

There is a street on
the other side of the west fence.

The previous owners started a veggie garden in three 4' x 30' raised beds.   Unfortunately all the veggies that they planted died before we moved in, as did the two trees planted in the front yard and the landscape plants around the house.  So the slate is blank.

Lubbock is in Zone 7.  A nice change from Thornton's Zone 5.   The growing season here in Lubbock is longer, which means that I can put seeds and transplants in the ground a couple of months earlier.  It also means that I can harvest to Thanksgiving and beyond.

By the time I clear the beds of spent plants, I began planning next year's Lubbock "victory" garden.  When the seed catalogs arrive, I methodically page through them and circle the seeds and/or plants to order.  I place all orders from December - February.  I start buying some seeds locally as soon as the displays are up.  

 Oh the anticipation of waiting to get my hands dirty.  By March I can start to play in the dirt.  It seems the winds blow pretty steadily in March & April & sometimes into May.   That's a problem.

I started a subscription to these magazine while our Thornton, CO home was on the market.  I still enjoy both of them.
  • Texas Gardener - Texas Gardener was founded in 1981 by Chris S. Corby, journalist and avid gardener, to provide information and advice on the unique aspects of Texas gardening.  Although it is more geared to central Texas, I find lots of useful information.
  • Southern Living - The ultimate insiders' guide to Southern culture, recipes, travel, and events.

Joy Blooms . . . in Out Door Projects

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