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Joy Blooms in the Garden
Butterflies all a Flutter

What could bring more joy than watching a beautiful butterfly fluttering?

The Joy of Butterfly Gardens --  Butterfly Feeders, Bait & Nectar -- Life-Cycle of Butterflies
What I Learned about Butterflies -- Simple Steps to a Butterfly Garden -- Great Plants for Butterfly Gardens -- Butterflies etc.

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Local (Lubbock, TX) Nurseries
Places to buy plants for your butterfly, veggie, and/or Flower garden

Those without websites

Davis Lawn & Tree
806- 748-9147
115 SE Loop 289
Lubbock, TX
Gardeners Outlet
806- 744-5404
1805 N Frankford Ave
Lubbock, TX
Llano Garden Center
806- 771-1242
3511 N Frankford Ave
Lubbock, TX
Mary Lee Gardens
806- 798-1444
6702 82nd St
Lubbock, TX

Those with websites
I included "blurps" from their websites

Holland Gardens
806- 792-6336
50th & Memphis
Lubbock, TX
"Holland Gardens, a family owned business, was started by Wayne and Ann Holland after they both graduated from Texas Tech University in April 1965. From our humble beginnings with just two employees, we have developed one of the most complete garden centers in the southwest that specializes in trees, shrubs, and grasses that are hardy and adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions in the southern part of the USA. We are proud to be the only licensed producer of TifGrand® certified Bermuda grass plugs in the nation."
Little Red Riding Hood Nursery
806- 795-4834
4006 34th St
Lubbock, TX
"In 25 years of experience Little Red Nursery has grown tremendously. Our roots began in our original location a gas and service station. We began selling plants and rented VHS videos. Yes we were a funny combination business of the 80’s. From our humble beginnings our legacy of outstanding service began. We are a family owned business that prides ourselves in providing high quality plants, information, and services in a beautiful and fun environment. At Little Red Nursery we want to help you get the most out of your home and garden environment. Throughout the year we offer free seminars and activities to help you care for your yard and to introduce you to what is new and exciting in the garden."
Sparkmans Nursery
806- 794-3614
11109 Slide Rd
Lubbock, TX
"Customer demand and tremendous growth led the Sparkman's to expand their business in February 1992. Together they built a new facility located at 111th Street and Slide Road serving retail and wholesale nursery needs of customers from Abilene, Eastern New Mexico, Oklahoma, West Texas and the Permian Basin."
TG Trees Nursery & Garden Center
806- 794-6766
118th St & S Frankford Ave
Lubbock, TX
"We house the best selection of plant material, chemicals, gardening accessories and décor on the South Plains. TG Trees™ is home to over 70,000 square feet of greenhouses. That’s just enough space to get lost in while browsing for your favorite annuals, discovering new perennials or just looking for some new ideas for your landscape project. We also provide helpful services such as custom potting, delivery, seminars and tours."
Tom's Tree Place
806- 799-3674
5104 34th St
Lubbock, TX
"From landscaping to exterior lighting, Tom's Tree Place is West Texas' premier provider of landscape design and construction. No firm in the area offers as much expertise and experience as Tom's Tree Place for taking your project from the drawing board to the final product."

The "Big Box" Stores all sell plant in the Spring & Summer
The Home Depot
5801 W Loop 289
Lubbock, Texas 79414
Phone: (806)788-1484

The Home Depot
2615 50th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79413
Phone: (806) 791-4102

6501 University Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79413
Phone: (806) 785-1155

Ace Hardware
4426 34th
Lubbock, TX
Phone: (806) 797 3461

Ace Hardware*
8208 Slide Road
Lubbock, TX
Phone:  (806) 794 9728

*(Located in Lowes Family Center -not associated with Lowe's)

Lowe's Home Improvement  
Store Number: 0271
5022 West Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79424
Phone: (806) 791-3000
Wal-Mart   #945
702 West Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79416
Phone:  (806) 793-9686
Wal-Mart   #861
4215 South Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79423
Phone:  (806) 793-2091
Wal-Mart   #3826
1911 4th Street
Lubbock, TX 79415
Phone: (806) 747-3454
Wal-Mart  #4299
6315 82nd Street
Lubbock, TX 79424
Phone: (806) 698-6394
Did I leave out your favorite place to buy landscaping plants?  Please eMail me with your suggestions.
Mail Ordered Plants
www.directgardening.com All the shrubs purchased from them last year died.  Not a single one lived.  Won't order from them again.

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