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Joy Blooms in the Garden
Butterflies all a Flutter

What could bring more joy than watching a beautiful butterfly fluttering?

The Joy of Butterfly Gardens --  Butterfly Feeders, Bait & Nectar -- Life-Cycle of Butterflies
What I Learned about Butterflies -- Simple Steps to a Butterfly Garden -- Great Plants for Butterfly Gardens -- Butterflies etc.

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What I learned about butterflies:
  • Not all butterflies have the same taste.  The preference for nectar differs from species to species of butterflies. Offer a variety of food, in both colors and tastes. A wide variety of food plants will give the greatest diversity of visitors. Groups of the same plants will be easier for butterflies to see.
  • Planting a butterfly garden can help increase the butterfly population.  It certainly increases the drama in the garden.  Butterflies are cold blooded and fly only when temperatures rise above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. For best results, plant your butterfly garden in full sun and plant the tallest flowers behind the shorter ones.
  • I am organic gardener.  I haven't used pesticides in years.  It is sad that those who do use chemical pesticides are inadvertently killing butterflies.  It is better to stop using pesticides and create a sanctuary for butterflies and birds.  Invite birds into your yard and they will eat unwanted insects.
  • Most butterflies will be attracted to damp sand or wet gravel. Mostly males seek out these damp, slightly salty areas. 
  • These beautiful creatures like to bask in the sun.  Set out flat basking rocks that will absorb the sun and help warm up the butterflies.  Or put out a shallow bowl with a few stones in the middle and a small amount of water, satisfies their thirst and provides a place for basking in the sun.
  • Many different butterflies can be attracted to the same garden. For example, some prefer larger flowers and others prefer small flowers.  Skippers seem to like purple flowers, and some hairstreaks tend to attracted toke white flowers.
  • Because butterflies are present from early spring to late fall, you'll want a procession of flowers for use as butterfly feeding stations throughout the year.
  • As adults, butterflies consume flower nectar. 
  • You don't need a big garden to attract butterflies.
  • Most butterflies prefer some shelter from the high winds.
  • Create a large patch of flowers and plan the varieties so that some bloom in the spring, some in summer and some in fall. Vary the height of plants to suit the feeding habits of various butterflies.
  • Lilacs, rabbitbush, willow, aspen and cottonwood are also good for caterpillar and adult butterfly stages. Dill, parsley, and fennel attract black swallowtails. Butterfly weed and other milkweed family plants will attract monarchs. Sunflowers, thistles, and hollyhocks provide food for a variety of butterfly larva. As nectar supply for adult butterflies, plant asters, bee balm (monarda), cosmos, gaillardia, marigolds, verbena, sweet peas and zinnia. Butterfly bush and clematis are good attractants, too. 
  • Butterflies and seed-eating birds enjoy most Composite Family -- including chrysanthemum, yarrow, coreopsis, sunflower, dahlia, zinnia, goldenrod, aster, cosmos, and Black-eyed Susan.  In addition, scabiosa, bachelor's-button, poppies, aster, coreopsis, liatris, sedums, zinnias, goldenrod, yarrows and globethistle all attract birds and butterflies.

    Butterflies especially enjoy milkweed, monarda, primrose, butterfly bush and verbena.

    To attract hummingbirds, try adding these plants to your garden: penstemons, salvias, honeysuckle, trumpet creeper, dianthus, columbines, hyssop, scarlet gilia, paintbrushes and yucca.
  • In addition to feasting on nectar, butterflies will also feed on overripe bananas.

Joy Blooms . . . in the garden!

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