The Challenge was to turn all this good ol' Texas RED DIRT into a Lush GREEN (Bermuda Grass) LAWN.
The had to accomplished by Hand-Watering in that there is no underground sprinkler system.

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Front - North facing - June 2011

East side of House -June 2011

West side of Front - June 2011

The entry is so much more inviting.
Just have to keep pulling weeds.
August 2012

East side of the house 2012 with grass growing!

While the grass was growing,
a new neighbor built a house.
August 2012

Now the horses next door have
a loving green lawn to admire.
August 2012

Back Yard - North - June 2011

Back Yard - south facing - June 2011

Back Yard - West - June 2011

NO GRASS - eventually an orchard

Back Yard - East - June 2011
In 2012 the East side is still dirt.
Eventually an orchard?

Iris River is beside the Doggie Yard

The "Iris River" is on the East side
of the Doggie Fence.
August 2012

The 4000 Sq Ft Doggie Yard

Doggie Yard - all fenced in and
with grass.  We duct-taped a tarp over the
shop (due south) door to keep out dirt.
August 2012

Raised beds are behind the "Iris River"

Raised beds are South of the "Iris River"
behind the Doggie Fence.  The Shop
is West of the Beds.
August 2012

Dave, the gentlemen farmer on his John Deere. We did such a good job growing grass
that we bought a tractor
in July 2012 to mow the lawn.

(OK a John Deere riding lawn mower)

How we Coaxed a Green LawnGrowing green lawn was a challenge - we sowed seeds, grew plugs, and transplanted slugs.

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